Saudi Arabia to open economic zones as part of national investment strategy, says Al Falih


UK Prime Minister Johnson follows Saudi Crown Prince’s lead in calling for ‘faster’ action on climate change

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated the sentiments of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz during the initial Saudi Green Initiative announcement, saying the world must go “further and faster” to tackle climate change by the middle of the century.

In a statement at the inaugural Middle East Green Initiative summit in Riyadh, Prime Minister Johnson said: “This is a region rich in history – the birthplace of the alphabet, algebra, coffee, of the will and of a large part of our civilization. But for many, the region has become synonymous with fossil fuels. There is now a chance for a new chapter in the history of your region.

“We must go further and faster if we are to limit the rise in global temperature and take the necessary measures to protect people and nature from the effects of climate change.”

Prime Minister Johnson also praised Saudi Arabia’s commitment to plant 10 billion trees and the wider regional commitment to plant 50 billion trees underlined earlier by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Prime Minister Johnson said: “This inaugural conference is tackling the last two head-on – money and trees. 10 billion trees to be precise in Saudi Arabia, and 50 billion in total in the region. It is, my friends, many trees, and I hope you will achieve this exceptional level of ambition in all areas where action is needed. “

Earlier, the Crown Prince announced a series of regional climate action programs to an audience of dozens of heads of state at the event. On Saturday, the Crown Prince also revealed that Saudi Arabia aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 through the circular carbon economy approach.

The Middle East Green Initiative called for increased coordination and joint action to preserve and develop the importance of the environment and land cover in Africa, in addition to establishing the Green Initiative Foundation as a independent non-profit entity to support the summit and raise the level of coordination.

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