PJSC Sberbank: Sber Asset Management launches new investment strategy for China

Sber Asset Management has launched a trust management strategy for accredited investors called Celestial Income. The strategy invests in the most attractive Chinese stocks and bonds[1].

The share of bonds in the strategy is 70%[2]. It includes debt securities of state-backed banks, automakers, and developers. The average duration of the portfolio is 5.9 years. The yield to maturity is 4.87%.

30%[3] The strategy’s portfolio consists of stocks of the 50 largest Chinese companies by market capitalization. The portfolio is broadly diversified and primarily includes sectors such as media, retail, semiconductor and vehicle manufacturing, banking and insurance companies, and healthcare. Large companies such as Tencent, Alibaba and Taiwan Semiconductors hold the largest stakes in the portfolio. The portfolio includes stocks with high growth potential.

Dmitry Postolenko, Senior Portfolio Manager, Sber Asset Management:

“As one of the world’s largest economies with high growth potential, China is showing all signs of becoming the world’s largest economy in 10 to 15 years. This is why investments in the Chinese market are already very promising today. the Chinese market is very specific, and its mechanisms are determined by particular factors. If you do not have sufficient expertise and do not follow the internal processes of the country, it is very difficult to understand these factors. Celestial Income’s fiduciary management This strategy allows you to invest in the Chinese market without any particular knowledge or expertise. “

Investments in the Celestial Income strategy start at $ 15,000. The currency of the strategy is the US dollar. The recommended investment period begins at three years. There is no currency risk.

[1] Investments in stocks and bonds are made by purchasing investment stocks in the Investments in China interval fund managed by Sber Asset Management

[2] As of December 22, 2021

[3] As of December 22, 2021


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