Loan and Credit factoring

There are many different entities offering online factoring on the financial market. One of the most interesting offers in the industry is certainly offered by Loan and Credit factoring company.

This entity mainly specializes in financing invoices for smaller companies, providing its services under the so-called explicit factoring . As part of this service, the factoring contractor is informed of the initiation of the entire factoring process.

Loan and Credit – an innovative approach to factoring

Loan and Credit - an innovative approach to factoring

Pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Code, each entity may freely manage its receivables, including without the consent of the payee being required. Silent factoring, i.e. the opposite of explicit, does not bring any additional benefits, makes the transaction less transparent and definitely more risky, hence the form of cooperation on the financial market is slowly moving away.

Loan and Credit has a stable and well-established position in the factoring industry, in which it has been operating since November 2016. Factoring for small businesses is Loan and Credit’s specialty. The offer of this company certainly stands out from the competition and is worth recommending.

Details of Loan and Credit factoring company’s offer

The company is already financing invoices from PLN 500 up to PLN 30,000 net. The upper limit applies when the factoring partner has any positive history of cooperation with the factor during previous factoring transactions. If all entities cooperate in their own group for the first time, then the total limit of invoices that can be financed is PLN 15,000. Most often, the financing period lasts up to 90 days. The full invoice financing process takes place online and lasts about an hour. Cash, less commission, appears on the factorer’s account after three steps.

At the beginning of the issuer sends the invoice to the factor (Loan and Credit) a copy of the accounting document. Loan and Credit performs quick verification and analysis, after successful completion of which – transfers to the invoice issuer’s account the agreed partial amount due. The final payment is regulated when funds from the contractor appear on the factor’s account. The price for the factoring service provided by Loan and Credit is very attractive and is one of the lowest on the market.