Investment Strategy Series – No1 “Buy the Dip”

The Expression “buy the dip” can be used to describe a fundamental investment approach. This doesn’t mean you have to go “all in” when an asset’s price is falling; rather it implies that you should average when the price is falling and/or buy after the price has stabilized.

This method is also much safer to use when the market is bullish, in a stagnant economy or when the main trend is up or sideways, rather than in a volatile market.

So if passive income starts with smart investments, buying the current market downturn seems like the best possible decision for a thriving digital wallet.

“Buy the dip” strategy

– Accumulate small amounts of cryptocurrency when the price drops, creating an average position with the goal of buying more as the price drops even more. This allows you to create an average price instead of hitting volatile peaks;

– Keep your money in the bank until the price stabilizes, and maybe even starts to rally, then buy – this is called buying an out-of-support reaction;

– Allow the execution of buy orders at lower prices. Setting buys just before historical support levels, massive “buy walls” and psychological levels are particularly effective approaches in the stock market (because prices tend to recover at least briefly from these levels).

“Buy the dip” – Ethereum (ETH)

Is it worth buying the dip? On-chain analysis is an essential tool for distinguishing between the speculative value and the utility value of a cryptocurrency. Many metrics are showing bullish signs right now.

Ethereum’s on-chain metrics appear to be extremely strong, despite the somewhat slow start to the overall cryptocurrency market through 2022.

Since the beginning of the year, the usefulness and acceptance of Ethereum (ETH) increased significantly, due to increased capital inflows and chain activities.

Due to Ethereum’s undervalued fundamentals and its current price of 2,761.35, which is well below its all-time highs, now could be the best time to buy the dip before the second most important cryptocurrency launches its next bullish push (The Merge).

Ethereum (ETH) merger

the ETH The merger is expected to take place later this year and with it, the primary trading route in cryptocurrencies will be enhanced and improved to its very core.

Specifically, Ethereum is about to undergo the most significant change in its nearly two-decade history: it will move from its current PoW (proof of work) consensus method to a PoS (proof of stake) mechanism. The good news is that transitioning to Proof-of-Stake technology will reduce network energy consumption by at least 99.95%.

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“Buy the Dip” – Rocking Protocol (SSW)

Switch Protocol (SSW) is an ecosystem comprised of multi-chain DeFi technologies, protocols, and use cases. It is represented by the stock symbol SSW and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. SSW, being a multi-chain protocol, intends to be implemented on a variety of platforms, including BNB smart chain and Polygon.

Switch Protocol (SSW) is a blockchain-based service that offers a variety of services for users who wish to take advantage of the range of trustless, inexpensive, and decentralized services that blockchain has to offer.

It is a complete on-chain liquidity protocol that can be deployed on any blockchain that supports smart contracts, including BNB smart chain, Polygon blockchain, and Ethereum. It can serve as an endpoint for automated market making (buying and selling tokens) as part of a smart contract.

An important goal of the project is to disrupt the old way of engaging and thinking about cryptocurrency by reshaping education while simultaneously developing a platform to promote education and cryptocurrency to people. around the world, as well as to ensure the financial and technological culture of all. members of society.

The Seesaw Protocol native SSW utility token can be purchased from PancakeSwap (V2). The flow market price is $0.012

toggle token has a total market capitalization of $990,000,000 at the moment.

On April 8, 2022, the token presale ended and the market trends have driven the value down. Right now, investors are buying the dip – just like they do for ETH and BTC, as analytics still show upside potential.

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“Buy the Dip” – Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) hit a high of $50,000 for the first time on December 27, 2021. Five months later, the “first” cryptocurrency is trading at $37,948.63 well below the $40,000 mark. However, investors and analysts remain fully confident that inflation has reached the critical threshold to initiate BTC acceptance.

There is no way to anticipate what would trigger a Bitcoin bullfight. However, with “huge coin supply volume” amassing around $45,000, traders and analysts still believe that BTC may reach $50,000 by the end of summer 2022. If so, then buying the dip could mean millions for investors who still believe in Satoshi Nakamoto and his genius.

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