Investment Strategy: ETMarkets Investors’ Guide: Does the Correction Offer a Good Entry Point for Investors?

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Concerns over a new variant of Covid, little-known but frightening enough to thrill investors, have undermined hopes for a rapid global economic recovery. This, at a time when inflation is a major headache for central banks and fears that the US Fed may proceed with a rate hike earlier than expected next year, only stokes fears about the market which is expensive and has not seen profits rebound to its liking. .

Amit Mudgill of spoke with Yogesh Patil – Head of Equities – LIC Mutual Fund to find out where to invest in this market. Patil also talks about what existing investors are doing with recent digital listings given the chaos.

Welcome to the show, sir.

Given that the market has not seen a big correction since March 2020, do you think the current weakness offers a good entry point or should we say more is desired?

The market is worried about valuations. What would you buy in this market?

Other than valuations, what would be the short-term concerns for the market?

What would be your advice to existing investors of recent digital IPOs?

What is the signal for the Indian market as Jerome Powell takes over as Fed chairman?

Thank you, Mr. Patil.

That’s all
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