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Siddharth (Sid) Mehta has over 19 years of experience as a fund manager working closely with global institutional investors and managing and advising their Indian investments.

In 2006, Siddharth founded his own investment house, Bay Capital Partners, headquartered in Mumbai, which has rapidly grown to be a significant investor in India’s long-term structural growth through investment in listed companies.

In a conversation with Your story, Siddharth says his interest lies in the companies that help India grow.

“Our flagship investment vehicle invests in public and late stage / pre-IPO companies. said.

Unpacking Capital of the bayinvestment philosophy, he says the pandemic has offered businesses a window of opportunity to accelerate the digital adoption of products and services.

“There is a range of opportunities, especially in the digital ecosystem and we believe that as sophisticated investors we are ideally placed to be able to identify and participate in many of them”, he adds.

The interview

In an exclusive interaction with Your story, Easy to learn CEO Krishna Kumar explains the startup’s education mission, why the platform has kept 60% of its business free and how Blackstone, which has invested $ 250 million in the startup, will help it prepare for the next step.

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Start-up spotlight

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“Our advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on building something that lasts and to build to solve uniquely Indian problems in uniquely Indian ways.”

– Siddharth Mehta, Founder and IT Director, Bay Capital

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