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In the three years since its creation, the valuation of the American startup Thrasio has exceeded 3 billion dollars. It acquires third-party sellers on Amazon and promises to achieve economies of scale.

Mimicking the successful business model, Mensa Brands, which was incorporated in April 2021, has invested in digitally driven brands operating in the fashion, beauty and home segments, among other categories. He has already acquired 10 brands and has the next 10 brand partnerships online.

Talk to Your story At TechSparks 2021 in a fireside chat on “Building a Brand House and Enabling D2C Brands to Go Global,” founder Ananth Narayanan said the startup targets brands that are profitable, achieving between 7 Rupee crore and Rupee 70 crore in annual turnover.

“We want to see how hungry a founder is. If someone has managed to grow their brand while being bootstrap, then that’s another tick for us because it’s very difficult to do, ”he said.

The former CEO of MedLife and Myntra also said Mensa aims to be a house of brands instead of being a single brand by investing in technology.

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“We’re trying to build brands for the next 50 years, which is very different from how brands have been built over the past 50 years.”

– Ananth Narayanan, Founder, Mensa Brands

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