Haiti – Economy: Leopard Capital has invested $ 2.5M in NUtv


Haiti – Economy: Leopard Capital has invested $ 2.5M in NUtv
04/29/2014 10:23:00

On Monday, Leopard Capital announced that it had invested 2,500,000 USD to become a minority shareholder of Digital Satellite Systems, owner and operator of one of Haiti’s main pay-TV services, “NUtv”. Leopard Capital’s investment in NUtv will be made through Leopard Haiti Fund LP (“LHF”). LHF’s investment will help NUtv improve its existing network and expand coverage to many areas of Haiti that currently cannot access a wide range of television programming.

The wider deployment of NUtv in Haiti will support Haiti’s transition from analogue to digital television, a step in bridging the digital divide. NUtv uses the latest generation digital broadcasting standard, DVB-T2, originating in Europe and increasingly popular around the world.

Mr. Douglas Clayton, Chairman and CEO of Leopard Capital, said: “We are impressed with NUtv’s advanced technology and capable management team. We look forward to helping NUtv bring affordable, world-class TV programming to homes in Haiti. “

Mr. Patrice Pezat, CEO of NUtv, added “We have the best technology to revolutionize the television industry and are happy to have a strong financial and strategic partner behind us. The Haitian market will be able to enjoy the best content at an affordable price with our prepaid solution. “

About NUtv:
Digital Satellite System SA launched NUtv in Haiti in August 2012 as the country’s first prepaid television service offering an affordable installation price and programming package. NUtv provides pay television services (116 channels) using a wireless technology called Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial (“DVB-T2”), which has become popular in Europe and many emerging markets. Licensed TV content is streamed by NUtv through Digicel cell towers to set-top boxes connected to TVs in customers’ homes. The system provides an affordable alternative to traditional satellite and cable HDTV. NUtv’s DVB-T2 technology is particularly well suited to Haiti’s rugged terrain, as it enables portable reception in both densely populated urban neighborhoods and remote rural areas.

NU-TV is the first digital terrestrial television company in Haiti to offer Haitian viewers more than 100 local channels (in English, French and Spanish) in the West department. NUtv’s services will soon be available nationwide, offering daily entertainment as well as news, health, education, business and cultural information.

About Leopard Haiti Fund LP:
LHF was launched in July 2012 as the first private equity fund for Haiti, with committed capital of US $ 20 million from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, the Netherlands Development Finance Corporation (FMO) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). LHF invests in small and medium enterprises vital to job creation, economic development and Haiti’s continued recovery from the 2010 earthquake.

LHF is Leopard Capital’s second investment fund and focuses exclusively on investing in Haiti. LHF’s first investment was in a drinking water company, dloHaiti Inc., in May 2013. NUtv is the fund’s second and largest investment to date.

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