Credit Suisse reiterates its ESG investment strategy


Swiss credit reiterated its key investment strategy for environmental, social and governance investors.

Evaluating 17 sustainable themes, the bank said that based on its current quality and dynamism scores, automation, building energy efficiency, aging and industrial energy quality were “the most important themes. attractive compared to the 13 other themes ”.

Infrastructures, hydrogen, wind power and solar power were the least attractive in terms of quality and dynamism.

Credit Suisse said: “Virtually all of our themes saw a downturn in the last month. Interestingly, we find that energy storage and wind are the two top performing themes. In the case of energy storage , we note that the theme is benefiting from a positive change in average momentum scores, as well as a majority of its constituents seeing upgrades by analysts to their 12-month EPS estimates.

“Wind, on the other hand, has the second lowest share of companies seeing their profits increase, at 29%.” Education was the lowest at 22%.

“Investors interested in companies with strong support for earnings revisions should take a look at our water theme,” the bank added.

He concluded: “The topics that trade with the highest premium over history are energy storage, solar and wind stocks. for the first time.

“The themes that have seen the biggest drop in price-benefit terms over the past six months include the circular economy – plastics, energy efficiency in transport and energy efficiency in buildings.”

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